The Minerva roadmap is prioritized through direct interaction with the team and votings on Snapshot.
The Minerva roadmap is highly dependent on the rapid changing market conditions, community feedback and funding. We have therefore changed to a long 'feature suggestion list' where we can pick from, to support the Minerva users in the best possible way.
Last update: 1 June, 2023 | Change Log

Latest version updates - 1.8.5 (20 April, 2023)

  • WalletConnect 2.0 Support
  • WalletConnect 1.0 : DApp triggered change account
  • New onboarding network selection screen
  • Fiat price for SuperTokens, wrapped tokkens and LP tokens
  • Added Arbitrum Görli, Lukso L15, and zkSync Era testnet support
  • Set Optimism Bedrock, Lukso L14 and Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet as unmaintained networks
  • UI adjustments, security updates & bug fixes
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Feature Suggestions and Activities

Vote for new features on the Minerva Wallet Snapshot DAO.
Below you can find the 'feature suggestion list' from which we will create new Snapshot proposals and would like to receive your direct feedback via Discord or Telegram.

Unsorted feature suggestion list:

  • Add 'Swap' for coins and tokens
  • iOS support
  • Integrate bridging of tokens between various EVM chains via Connext
  • Improve sorting of ERC20 tokens and NFTs
  • Show fiat value for Super Tokens
  • Show fiat value for LP tokens (balanced pools; unbalanced pools)
  • DApp triggers network change for WalletConnect
  • NFT grid view
  • POAP minting fully integrated
  • Multi-language support
  • Referal program and address book
  • MIVA based level system for advanced features
  • Integrate EIP-1559 support
  • Integrate Gnosis Safe accounts for main networks
  • Integration of WalletConnect v2.0
  • More than 5 accounts and free selection of accounts (e.g. index #34)
  • Enable the addition of 'Watch-Only' accounts
  • Additional file-extension support for NFT media
  • Add expert data field to "Send" for contract interactions
  • Provide a dark mode
  • Individual RPC configuration (e.g. to support personal DAppNode servers)
  • Improve 'Buy' and 'Sell' crypto to make it more easy accessable
  • Major update and improvement of the Activity Screen
  • Add streaming token support to start, change and stop streams
  • Create ENS Subdomain for your Account
  • Security warning integrations
  • Improve the visualization for decimals
  • Enable more mainnets & testnets
  • Enable backup wallet to personal data vault (on Swarm)
  • NFT media download / offline storage
  • Secure "Login with Ethereum" integration
  • Integrate NFC card support
  • Evaluate integration of BrightID
  • Enable adding custom networks
  • Integrate push notification service
  • Improved backup procedure for Secret Words
  • Integrate login with DIDAuth or similar
  • Integrate JSON-LD for Verifiable Credentials
  • Show pending transactions, allow to cancel and speed up
  • ...

We need your feedback to work on the most important things first!

Change Log

1 Jun., 2023
Added the latest release changes and updated the feature suggestion list
23 Nov., 2022
Added some more feature suggestions
21 Nov., 2022
Full revision of the roadmap and introduction of a 'suggestion-list' for new features. Q1/2022, Q2/2022 and Q3/2022 have been updated and moved to archive.
25 Oct., 2022
v1.7.0, v1.7.1, v1.7.5, v1.7.8 and v1.7.9 released and marking some features as done
29 Dec., 2021
v1.6.8 release and finalizing Q4/2021; Changed priorities and rearranged tasks; Updating Q1/2022 and Q2/2022
01 Dec., 2021
v1.6.5 releases; Changed priorities and rearranged tasks; new streaming farms; Q2/2022 added
07 Oct., 2021
v1.6 release (end of beta); Added Q1/2022; Changed priorities and rearranged tasks; added economical roadmap for Q1/2022 and update technical roadmap
25 Sept., 2021
Update after v1.5.5 release
10 Sept., 2021
v1.5.5 planing; Priorizing network and streaming money integration; updating Q3 and Q4/2021
31 July, 2021
Adjustments in Q3/2021 and updating Q4/2021
20 July, 2021
Finalizing Q2/2021; updating Q3/2021
29 June, 2021
Updated current status after v1.4 release
16 June, 2021
Added Q4/2021; Changed priorities and rearranged tasks; added economical roadmap for Q3/2021 and update technical roadmap; Document and link cooperations
14 May, 2021
Update after the latest PlayStore release 1.2.0
10 May, 2021
Adjust MIVA auction to actual values; add simplification for account management and Ramp extension to support Polygon/Matic
03 May, 2021
Moved Q1/2021 to archive; Changed priorities towards token management and streaming support; Added economical roadmap for Q2/2021
09 April, 2021
Added streaming token support and change of fiat currency
08 April, 2021
Closed Q1/2021; updated Q2/2021 and defined Q3/2021; moved Q4/2020 to Archive
03 January, 2021
Moved ARTIS τ1 Faucet button, Manual token adding and UI new account layout to Q1/2021. Partially already implemented, but not finally tested and released.
16 December, 2020
First time publishing



The "Bear" was in full swing this quarter and the mood changed accordingly. Almost any project did experience much less interaction with its users and so did we as well. Nevertheless, we could successfully start the first Snapshot voting and will continue on that path to engage with our users in a meaningfull way. We also presented at ETHPrague and DAppcon our current work and also some ideas how to make wallets more accessable. This provided also great opportunities to engage with other teams and their projects.

Economical roadmap:

  • Use $MIVA for Snapshot votes about feature prioritization
  • Add more tokens to be purchased via Ramp.Network
  • Present at conferences (ETHPrague 2022, DAppCon 2022)
  • Forge more cooperations (Celo, Optimism, ...)

Technical roadmap:

  • Added Celo network (v1.7.9)
  • Added Cello test network (v1.7.9)
  • Added Avalanche network (v1.7.8)
  • Added Avalanche test network (v1.7.8)
  • Manual change the network on WalletConnect connection requests (v1.7.9)
  • New 'Open in Explorer' function in options (v1.7.8)
  • Unified QR-code scanner for address detection and WalletConnect
  • Set networks to unmaintained: POA Core, ARTIS ∑1, Rinkeby & Ropsten


This quarter was dominated by uncertainty about a looming crypto winter, but that are also good times building new features with less interruptions. Layer 2 support as well as preparations for The Merge of Ethereum was in focus. Due to the changes, several test networks have been deprecated and new ones were added. Therefore several networks had to be sunsetted and to get better feedback from our users we launched the first Snapshot vote for Minerva.

Economical roadmap:

  • Prepare to use $MIVA for Snapshot votes
  • Add more tokens to be purchased via Ramp.Network

Technical roadmap:

  • Added Optimism network (v1.7.5)
  • Added Arbitrum network (v1.7.5)
  • Added Sepolia, Optimism Kovan and Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet support (v1.7.5)
  • Filter DApps for all supported networks (v1.7.5)
  • Improve gas price calculation (v1.7.5)
  • Use RPC-Proxy infrastructure for all supported chains (v1.7.5)
  • Improve autodetection of all tokens (v1.7.5)
  • Prepare for network deprecation (v1.7.5)


Crypto ecosystems changed fast in this quarter and L2 systems gained more and more traction. Also Gnosis Chain (former xDAI Chain) was under new management and Binance did rename their Binance Smart Chain to BNB Chain and focued fully on that network. While we thought that DID integrations will become a thing (e.g. through "Login with Ethereum"), they still got not enough traction to get us conviced implementing more than we have. Therefore, we will wait until a better time.

Economical roadmap:

  • Get involved in running a relyable bridging infrastructure
  • More DApps in Services and options for sponsering
  • Forge more cooperations

Technical roadmap:

  • Enable full NFT (ERC-721/ERC-1155) support (v1.7.0)
  • Support for all NFT media types (SVG, mp4, mp3, ...) (v1.7.0)
  • Sending NFTs (v1.7.0)
  • DApp Favorites (v1.7.0)
  • Rename xDAI Chain to Gnosis Chain (v1.7.0)
  • Advanced Settings: Clear Token Cache (v1.7.0)
  • Improved SuperToken streaming visualization (v1.7.1)
  • Support ENS NFTs and Unstoppable Domain NFTs (v1.7.1)
  • Rename Binance Smart Chain to BNB Chain (v1.7.1)


Many DApps are already offer multi-chain support and therefore the Minerva Wallet will continue to integrate more chains and Layer 2 solutions, to serve the needs of many new users coming to the space. Strategic cooperations will be forged with partners actively growing the DeFi space and the Ethereum ecosystem. Combined marketing and mutual support with our cooperation partners.

Economical roadmap:

Technical roadmap:

  • Integrate DApps to Services screen (v1.6.5)
  • Stabilize WalletConnect connections
  • Add more DApps to Services screen (v1.6.8)
  • Optimizing the data exchange with 3rd party API's
  • Integrate ETH 2.0 staking via StakeWise and WalletConnect
  • Improve caching token management and decimals visualization
  • UI improvements:
    • Space corrections and size adjustments
    • Improved visualization for token handling
    • Unified, security relevant wording "Secret Recovery Phrase"


After laying the foundation to reduce the complexity in multi-chain applications, growing the Minerva Wallet community is the major focus in Q3. This is planned to be realized through the integration of new networks and various activities around the $MIVA SuperToken.

Economical roadmap:

Technical roadmap:

  • Change account name
  • Allow import of Secret Recovery Phrase (e.g. from Metamask) (v1.5)
  • Enable mobile WalletConnect (v1.5.5)
  • Automatically update token balances for streaming tokens (v1.5.5)
  • Enable Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (v1.6)
  • Adapt 'Buy Crypto' to include BNB on BSC (v1.6)
  • Cached token balances (v1.6)
  • Integrate alternative gas oracle for Gasnow (v1.6)
  • UI improvements:
    • One onboarding screen before getting started (v1.5)
    • Faster start animation (v1.6)
    • Remove warning when offline (v1.6)


The focus will be to make the Minerva Wallet fully financially viable by introducing the $MIVA SuperToken. Growing the Minerva community is the primary focus and this will be supported through Airstreams (streamed Airdrops) and other incentives via $MIVA.

Economical roadmap:

Technical roadmap:

  • Google Play Store listing
  • Launching the new Minerva Wallet website
  • Show fiat values for all ERC-20 tokens and improve token auto-discovery
  • Fiat on-ramp integration with (xDai, ETH, Dai and USDC)
  • Improve WalletConnect session management
  • Improve security settings options to configure the access to keys and seed
  • Allow the protection of transactions with PIN/fingerprint/face
  • Change to fiat currencies other than EUR, e.g. USD, GBP, etc.
  • Simplify account management for all networks
  • Enable Polygon (Matic) support
  • Extend fiat on-ramp integration with to Polygon (Matic)


Minerva should be able to serve communities and use cases on xDai Chain (e.g. 1Hive, Honeyswap or ZeroAlpha) and ARTIS ∑1 (e.g. 7Energy - Energy Communities) especially well.
  • Add ARTIS τ1 faucet button
  • Enable manual token adding to accounts
  • Integrate WalletConnect v1.0 support for supported main networks
  • Automate ERC-20 token discovery and icon management
  • Allow export of private keys for main networks
  • Improving the discovery of account balances
  • Improving the backup of metadata needed for the wallet recovery
  • UI improvements:
    • New account layout prepared for coin, tokens and collectibles
    • Preparations to improve the way tokens are shown in accounts


While the development from Q1-Q3/2020 was more in a proof-of-concept mode, the Q4/2020 development is targeted towards main networks integration and UI simplification & extension.
  • Enable 7 test networks - ARTIS τ1, LUKSO L14, POA Sokol, Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten and Görli
  • Extend settings with legal terms, main network activation and info links
  • Create wallet in offline mode
  • Implement an experimental multiple device mode
  • New HD key derivation (see here)
  • Full support of checksum addresses
  • Enable main networks - Ethereum, xDai Chain, ARTIS ∑1 and POA Network
  • UI improvements:
    • Improve address field and gas estimate calculation
    • Link send and receive screen