Project Manager

Circle: Engineering & Operations


As part of the engineering team, your mission is to maintain a high efficiency of the day to day development work. You help developers to get started and accustomed to the Minerva Wallet and make sure that the development process is followed. An important part is also the fostering of a good working climate for the whole engineering team.


Part-time (10-20h/week)

About You

  • You like open work environments and a world of openness in general.

  • You're excited to change the open finance world through cryptocurrency and decentralization.

  • You want to make a difference and get rewarded by working hard.

  • You are a tough when it comes to finishing tasks and maintaining focus.

  • You like to engage with the team members and maintain a healthy climate.

  • You like supporting other people in achieving success.

Responsibilities 🛠️

  • Help creating long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines

  • Communicating with team members and the product manager to keep the project aligned with their goals

  • Delegating tasks on the project to developers best positioned to complete them

  • Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected.

  • Conduct regular project review meetings and help finding solutions for identified issues


  • Minimum 2+ years of working experience in software project management.

  • Well experienced in software project management tools, e.g. Scrum or Kanban.

  • Good understanding of mobile wallets and their way of working in the greater context of multi-chain support and connections to DApps.

  • Good communication skills in writing and speaking.

  • Open-minded and tolerant towards other people and outstanding ability to engage with a fully decentralized team.

Details about the project, team, benefits and the location preference can be found at:

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