Community Moderator

Circle: General & Administrative


As part of the administrative team, your mission is to engage with users to get started and accustomed to the Minerva Wallet and the crypto space as a whole. You also help with fostering growth (downloads and active users) in particular markets aiming to reach growth goals.


Part-time (10-20h/week)

About You

  • You like open work environments and a world of openness in general.

  • You're excited to change the open finance world through cryptocurrency and decentralization.

  • You want to make a difference and get rewarded by working hard.

  • You are a strategist when it comes to reaching goals as quick a possible.

  • You like to engage other people in becoming and staying active as a community.

  • You like supporting other people in achieving success.

Responsibilities 🛠️

  • Engage and moderate with the community on our Discord and Telegram channels.

  • Always answer questions from the community with regards to the use of the wallet.

  • Detect fraudulent behavior and report it to the team.

  • Support the growth strategy and coordinate it with the rest of the team.

  • Provide feedback on needed content and help with the generation of it.

  • Participate in regular community calls and help shaping the agenda.


  • Minimum 2+ years of working experience in supporting crypto communities with a deep understanding for sensible community management.

  • Well experienced in using Telegram, Discord and other chat platforms.

  • Basic understanding of mobile wallets and their way of working in the greater context of multi-chain support and connections to DApps.

  • Good communication skills in writing and speaking.

  • Outstanding community engagement skills.

  • Open-minded and tolerant towards other people and ideally spreading happiness in the whole team.

Details about the project, team, benefits and the location preference can be found at:

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