Sen. Android Developer

Circle: Engineering & Operations


As part of the engineering team, your mission is to fully engage in mobile wallet development in the EVM blockchain and decentralized identity space. You actively contribute to the architecture design and development, while regulary engaging with other cutting edge teams.



About You

  • You like open source and a world of openness in general.

  • You're excited to change the open finance world through cryptocurrency and decentralization.

  • You want to make a difference and get rewarded by working hard.

  • You are a hacker when it comes to getting things done quickly.

  • You are a craftsman when it comes to producing maintainable code for yourself and others.

  • You are a finisher when it comes to keeping track of items and having clear priority in mind.

  • You like supporting other people in achieving success.

  • You are agile in switching across frameworks and repositories.

Responsibilities 🛠️

  • Implement the latestst feature set of the Minerva Wallet, outlined in user stories and designs.

  • Coordinate with your team members to use and improve emerging blockchain standards.

  • Always write good test cases aiming full code coverage for functional requirements, and being vigilant about non-functional requirements related to security, transaction cost, etc.

  • Constantly Improve development tooling, test framework of the protocol development.

  • Assist your team members in code reviewing your work to get your code merged.

  • Peer programming and code review other team member's work.

  • Participate in regular public forum discussions, and lead some of the sessions when needed.


  • Minimum 3+ years of working experience delivering native applications for Android with a deep understanding of a consumer app life-cycle.

  • Expert in Kotlin, Java, and Andriod UI

  • Minimum 1+ years of working experience integrating blockchain infrastructure for Android and deep understanding of decentralized asynchronous communication.

  • Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms, building custom UI, and creating great user experiences.

  • Demonstrate excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills and are passionate about mobile app development.

  • Have the mind set of test driven development, questioning any code produced with a pair of critical eyes.

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