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About the Minerva Wallet

The Minerva Wallet is an award winning non-custodial wallet built for all EVM networks, that uses WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications. Minerva provides users their own sovereignty and allows them to join the blockchain revolution by upholding the most pronounced properties: elimination of middlemen like banks and exchanges, identity providers and data aggregators, while ensuring very refined privacy-by-design. You can find more details on our channels.‌‌

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About the Team

We consider ourselfs as a globally oriented team with a deep understanding in blockchain technology and knowledge of the challenges to move the space forward. Through our long time connection to many very successful teams we are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and tooling.

We are also acting responsibly with regards to the environment and in cooperation with team members and cooperation partner accross many boarders. In fact we think that this is the only way moving forward, while parts of the world are currently trying to move us back in time.

About the Benefits

  • Work on groundbreaking mobile wallet technology

  • Very flexible working schedule

  • Early team members enjoy additional token options

  • Opportunity to onboard the next billion of people to blockchains globally

  • Casual and friendly work environment

  • Constant learning environment

  • Conference participation


Remote UTC (+/- 3h) time zones Russian Nationals: You are more than welcome outside of the country Local hub: Graz (Austria)

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