Growth & Community Manager

Circle: General & Administrative


As part of the administrative team, your mission is to fully engage with users from particular markets to foster growth (downloads and active users) and support users to get started and accustomed to the Minerva Wallet and the crypto space as a whole. You actively develop engagement strategies and adapt them based on regular measurements aiming to reach growth goals.



About You

  • You like open work environments and a world of openness in general.

  • You're excited to change the open finance world through cryptocurrency and decentralization.

  • You want to make a difference and get rewarded by working hard.

  • You are a strategist when it comes to reaching goals as quick a possible.

  • You are a beaver when it comes support and retain new users.

  • You are an implementer when it comes to build up momentum and keeping clear priorities.

  • You like supporting other people in achieving success.

  • You are agile in switching your strategies when measurements show slow progress.

Responsibilities 🛠️

  • Develop an adaptive growth strategy and coordinate it with the rest of the team.

  • Execute the growth strategy and focus all measures to support the goals.

  • Provide feedback on needed content and help with the generation of it.

  • Evaluate new methods and ideas to build up momentum and sustainable growth.

  • Always answer questions from the community with regards to the use of the wallet.

  • Engage and moderate with the community on our Discord and Telegram channels.

  • Organize regular community calls, help shaping the agenda and moderate them.


  • Minimum 2+ years of working experience in supporting crypto communities with a deep understanding for sensible community management.

  • Well experienced in using Telegram, Discord and other chat platforms.

  • Good understanding of mobile wallets and their way of working in the greater context of multi-chain support and connections to DApps.

  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills in writing and speaking.

  • Good organizational and outstanding community engagement skills.

  • Open-minded and tolerant towards other people and ideally spreading happiness in the whole team.

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