(6) xDai Faucets

Go to any of the existing xDai Faucets and attempt to claim one xDai for free.

Luckily, there are three different faucets for you to try on.

The first faucet is provided by yours truly! You'll need at least 10 MIVA in your account, plus an xDai balance of 0. With both items checked off on the list, you can request 0.01 xDai.

Fly to the Minerva xDai faucet and get yourself some xDai.

The second faucet is brought by Gnosis Chain itself.

Access the Gnosis Chain faucet and receive a couple xDai.

Lastly, the third faucet belongs to 1Hive. It's an open community that anyone can be a part of. Making justice to their friendly image of buzzy bees, they also have an xDai faucet.

Go to the 1Hive xDai faucet and try to claim some free xDai.

Now, this one might NOT WORK. Why? Because this faucet may be already "dry" by the time you get there.

The faucet only allows one free xDai per address. However, it's known some people create multiple accounts to get more and more from their faucet, disrupting the system. Don't be like those people.

One free sample is plenty, enough to pay the fees for hundreds of transactions! Go and try your luck, we're rooting for you.

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