(7) Friendship

Have a nice friend or someone you know send you a couple! But remember to be there for them just the same.

"Networking is an essential part of building wealth." ā€“ Armstrong Williams.

One can argue the easiest way of all is to receive some xDai as a gift. Free of charge, feeless and without any further implications.

But who would give a stranger cryptocoins for no reason at all? They probably wouldn't - unless you know something we don't. Yet, while a stranger wouldn't... Perhaps a friend could!

Have a friend of yours send you a few? Friends often gift each other, hint at it! Strike a bargain with one, or ask for it as a birthday present, maybe?

Who knows. We're only saying it's also a valid idea.

Just remember friends don't pester one another more than usual. Don't be that annoying friend that ignores common sense and begs around.

Everyone still wants to get invited to next Sunday's poker game, after all!

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