(5) Move DAI from Polygon

Transfer your DAI tokens from Polygon (Matic) to the xDai Chain, and convert them into xDai coins.

Following the same premise as the other methods, you can move your DAI tokens from one chain to another, effectively converting them into xDai.

This cross-chain bridge lets users convert DAI on Polygon (Matic) to xDai (among others). Simple and inexpensive, it's called Xpollinate.

Powered by Connext and 1Hive, Xpollinate is a beta software. Use at your own risk.

Important Note: You may need a very small amount of Matic coin to pay the transaction fee when converting DAI from Matic to the xDai native token on the xDai chain.

(1) Access Xpollinate. (2) Connect your web3 Wallet.

(3) Select the chain you want to transfer from (Matic Mainnet to xDai Chain). (4) Fill in the Receiver's address field: Copy and paste your own Wallet address.

(5) Press the SWAP button. (6) A pop up will show: Sign in your wallet again to go to the next step.

It might take a few seconds, but once it is done, this is what you will see:

(7) Proceed to set the chosen amount of tokens to transfer. (8) Check the info, to verify you're satisfied with the outcome, and press Swap. (9) Confirm the transaction. (10) The transaction will be processed and completed in a few moments!

Usually it only takes a few seconds, but it might take longer. After the pop-up shows "SUCCESS", indicating the transaction's completion, we recommend you to check the balance in your wallet.

Done! Transaction succeeded. Easy and cheap, as promised.

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